Foresta’s in Salon Training

Foresta is derived from Italian meaning 'forest' and symbolizes the infinite energy of life that lives and breathes in a large forest and a rest space like a forest.


Decorative line

Foresta training course strives to cultivate talents with a sense of hair as well as improving technology by presenting and applying the direction of development by acquiring an understanding of basic theory and practical sense. 

The biggest reason for knocking on the door of foresta hair salon is the “curriculum focused on improving technology,” and we continue to work with numerous hair experts to meet our efforts, passion and expectations. Beginner designers who have completed the training will find themselves growing up as creative designers who have the ability and competence as hair design experts.

Apprenticeship Training

Advanced Training

Hair Extension training

Make up & Hair Salon

Customer Service training

Salon English Training

When beginning a new career, whatever it may be, nothing is more important than your foundation training. We give you the advantage from the very start, providing your fundamental training as a hairdresser in a friendly, nurturing environment, allowing you to explore the world of hairdressing for yourself and gain an education and experience like no other!